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Texasconcealedhandgunlicense.us is a complete one-stop source for obtaining your Texas Concealed Handgun License. We offer one-day CHL course instruction in the Houston, San Antonio, Austin and Dallas areas. To find the class nearest you, visit our calendar page. If you would like to register for a class, click here.

To carry a concealed weapon in Texas, a license is required. Many states have Reciprocity Agreements with Texas. These states include: Louisiana, Florida Oklahoma, Arkansas, Arizona, Alabama, Tennessee, Kentucky,  South Carolina, North Carolina, South Dakota, Montana, Colorado,  Georgia, North Dakota, Missouri, Utah, Virginia, Michigan, Mississippi, Idaho, New Mexico, Alaska, Wyoming and Pennsylvania.

Steps To Getting Your Texas Concealed Handgun License:

1) Qualifiy

To qualify for a Texas CHL you must:

  1. Be 21 years old. (Members and former members of the armed forces must be 18.)

  2. Not be under a protective order

  3. Have a clean criminal history, including military service and recent juvenile records.

  4. Not be of unsound mind.

  5. Not be chemically dependent.

  6. Be eligible to purchase a handgun by completing the NICS check.

  7. Not be delinquent in paying fines, fees, child support, student loans, etc.

  8. Complete required training.

More information on the specifics of qualifying are available on the Texas Department of Public Safety site.

2) Take the Training Course 

Taking the Texas Concealed Handgun License training course will require 10 to 15 hours, and includes a written examination and a shooting practical. You must pass both with a score of 70% or better.

      • The shooting practical requires you to fire fifty rounds (slow fire) from a handgun of .32 caliber or greater, 20 rounds at three yards, 20 rounds at seven yards, and 10 at fifteen yards. If you qualify with a semi-auto you will be able to carry a semi automatic or a revolver. If you qualify with a revolver you are only certified to carry a revolver or derringer.

      • The TCL written exam covers law, nonviolent conflict resolution, and handgun use and storage. It is not mainly about shooting.

After you pass both tests the Texas Concealed handgun License instructor will issue two copies of Form TR100, which you must both sign.

      When you submit your Application:

    • Make sure all the forms that came in the application package are correctly completed.

    • Include the first copy of the Form TR100. Do not send in the second copy.

    • If you have not paid online, you may send a personal check, cashier's check, or money order for the license fee. You may pay cash at TDPS headquarters in Austin. NOTE: It is a very bad idea to bounce a check on the Texas DPS.

    • We recommend making a copy of everything and sending it certified mail or return receipt requested.

    • Send the package to Texas Dept. of Public Safety. Currently, there is a huge back log of applications being processed and time to receive the license from TDPS is running 6 to 7 months (4 months for renewals).

    • When you receive your Concealed Handgun License check it over to make sure the information is correct.

If you need to modify your license to change your name or address or to go from an NSA (non semi-auto) to an SA (semi-auto) license, or replace a lost or destroyed license, we have the forms online

3) Apply for the License

Completing an application and sending it in to the TDPS is the final step in the process of getting your Texas Concealed handgun License.

Completing an Application. There are two ways to approach this part of the process:

    1. Submitting a request by mail:

  • Your CHL instructor will have application packages for mail submission

  • You will fill out the forms in the package during class.

  • All forms will be notarized during class.

  • Passport photos will be taken during class

  • Fingerprints will be taken during class on the FBI and TDPS cards.

  • If you have questions your training course instructor should be able to help

    1. Submitting a request by internet:

Visit the Concealed Handgun Licensing & Instructor Certification Site at http://www.texasonline.state.tx.us/NASApp/txdps/chl/common


You will need:

        1. Your Social Security Number.

        2. Your Texas Driver License or Texas Identification card.

        3. A valid credit card. (Visa, Mastercard, Discover, or American Express)

Complete the online process.

      • TDPS will send you the application forms to complete. The forms available through CHL instructors cannot be substituted.

      • If you have questions call TDPS at (800) 224-5744.

Texas Concealed Handgun License.US is your one-stop source for Texas Concealed Handgun License Training.

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